add your story

On February 14, 2008, tragedy struck our campus. Five years later, we are still affected by the loss. Whether you were a student at the time or a member of the community at large, telling your story about where you were or what you were feeling and thinking that tragic day can be a healing act for you and many others.

There are two ways to contribute: written or spoken.

written story

At the time of the shooting, I was...

in the Cole Hall.
a student.
a parent of an NIU Student.
a parent of student in Cole Hall.
a reporter.
an outside observer.

Write your story

In that moment, did time pass slowly or quickly?

spoken story

The Forward, Together Forward hotline is setup for you to tell your story over the phone. The audio recordings will then be uploaded to the website as part of the growing memorial.

Call 815.780.9502 to tell your story.

You can reveal as much or as little as you like. Recordings are limited to three minutes and all stories are posted as-is. Once your story is posted to the website, the text or recording will become part of the public domain and the community-generated public memory of what happened at NIU on Februrary 14, 2008.