February 14, 2008 was probably the most surreal day of my life. Just a day that you are almost unaware of your surroundings. You feel like you’re watching something from the outside. You know completely disconnected to what you think is reality at the moment. I will never forget where it was when I found out. I was out at the Trident, the cafeteria that is across from Cole Hall. it was Valentine’s day. I was a couple friends and we were excited about a fraternity mixer that we were attending the weekend we were talking about it really excited for what the weekend laid in front of us. Then all of a sudden this girl ran into the cafeteria and the only way I can describe it is, the most overly dramatic face any actor could try to portray. Her expression was of sheer terror. And I just remember her face being completely pail. She was running like couldn’t have any balance. She couldn’t run straight. So she ran up to the counter and said, “We need ice. We need ice. Somebody’s been shot.” And that moment everyone just sat there still, most of us, silent.