comparative analysis

The design process begins with the brief. For this project the brief was self-initiated. First, I looked at the qualities of official and vernacular memorials to see where each one lacks and where it excels. Those qualities were then compared to find the objectives for the designed unofficial memorial.

defined objectives

Presenting Multiple Narratives
Asserting Vernacular Public Memory

layering text

static digital text layers

layering text

Exploring the notion of vernacular through the evidence of hand.

navigating text

When layering the text, the stories became a texture, not able to be read. This led me to question readibility and how one would interact with the stories in order to read any one of them.

navigating text

Here, a processing sketch was made that created a shape out of the combined stories. The shape's position can be manipulated by the viewer, revealing different stories. This opened up the notion of juxtaposing the texts in a way that encouraged contextual comparisons.

generative narrative

When seeing the many stories together at once, a greater understanding of the broader story arises. Here the middle step is removed. An algorythm was developed that takes parts of each story and generates a unique story from the parts.

revealing text through color

By overlaying texts of different colors, different stories can be hidden and revealed dependant on which color overlay is applied. This experiment was done with backlighting (a monitor), print, and projected colored light.

images, text, and color

These explorations brought to light the question of the emotive qualities of visualizing these narratives. What is appropriate for the subject matter, and how can visualzing the texts evoke a feeling of solemnity, remembrance, and catharsis?


The idea of the ephemeral led to the use of projections on sheer screens.

emotive qualities

From here, the issues of readibility and emotional quality collided. The animated treatment of the text can evoke different tones based on speed, direction, and duration.

animating the stories

Multiple animation techniques were tested to find the right balance between emotional evovation and readibility.

final aesthetic

Scrolling the stories across the screen at different speeds allowed each story to be read individually and in relationship to other stories.